"We will not all sleep, but will all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet;      for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we will all be changed".  
   1 Corinthians 15: 51,52

Mt of Olives
Newsletter - Index of Articles
An index of some of the article which have appeared in Trumpet Sounds
The Antichrist
A change of perspective required  TS 79 - The extent of the Antichrist's future empire is not necessarily global.
Iran abuzz with anticpation of the Mahdi TS78 - President  Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN
Judas Iscariot TS72 - the connection between Judas Iscariot and the Antichrist.
The Antichrist TS71 - Islam's christ will be the Antichrist of scripture.

The United Kingdom 
A Just Judgement TS76 - Reasons why God will use Islam to bring judgement on Great Britain
EU Equality Directive TS93 - errosion of freedom


The Coming Chaos TS84 - Chaos is Satan's weapon for achieving his purposes.
I am both a Muslim and a Christian TS84 The hopeless confusion of those who although ordained have no understanding of their faith.
Antichrist - Islams awaited Messiah TS79 - A review of Joel Richardson's book presenting the case that the Antichrist will arise out of Islam.
A New Year’s dream: nightmare or prophecy? TS78 - Charkes Coulson looks to the future
The Cartoons  TS78 - Comment on the cartoons of Mohammad which stirred up an Islamic reaction early in 2006.
The Palestinians TS77 - The Palestinian claim to the Land of Israel and the demographic time bomb.
The Conquest of Eurabia TS75 - How Islam is coming to dominate Europe.
Eurabia TS70 - Islam's hold over Europe.
The Dajjal TS70 - The understanding of the Islamic Antichrist and his fall.
Islam's Christ TS69 - The first in a series of how Britain will fall to Islam.
While the nations slept TS87 - the need to be vigilant
'God’s War on Terror' TS 88 - a new book by Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson
Sharia Finance TS90 - The implications of the growth of sharia fiance
Islam and one world government TS90 - who will triumph
When the Black Flags come TS93 - the consequences of failure in Afghanistan
Dubai picking up the mantle of world financial capital TS88
The Advance of Islam TS88 - The books of Harun Yahya
The Middle East TS99 - The Muslim Brotherhood
The Muslim Brotherhood TS100 - An Islamic Turkey
Euro bailed out with Islamic Finance TS100
Turkey the rising power TS101

Will Israel Survive? TS80 - Israel faces a time of unparalled trial. What is her future?
No knockout means defeat TS 81 - Israel's perilous situation
Nearing the end TS 83 - Isreal and the Church are unprepared
The Sabbatical Cycles TS86 - The end time significance
Israel and the return of the Lord TS87 - prophetic timing
A Palestinain State TS92 - Why a disarmed Palestinian state is a non starter
The Feast of Tabernacles TS93 - about the feast
A worship centre on the Temple mount TS93 - Harun Yahya's dream
The Gaza Flotilla TS96
The Lord is blessing Israel TS96 


The Fall of the USA TS71 - The prophesied downfall of the USA.

The King of the North TS81  - Who is this person who rebells against the Antichrist?
The Laki Eruption TS 82 - A picture of the sun and moon being darkened.
The 49 Years TS 82 - An alternative interpretation on the 70 weeks
The Kingdom of God TS 85 - Preparing for the return of Christ
The last Trumpet TS 86 - the last trumpet in scrpture
Watch TS93 - Preparing for the last days
Signs of the end of the age TS96
Signs of the end ot the Age - Sign 1 Israel TS97
Signs of the end of the age - Sign 2 Jerusalem TS98
Signs of the end of the Age - Sign 3 The surrounding nations TS99
Signs of the end of the Age - Sign 4 All the nations TS100
Signs of the end of the Age - Sign 5 Hated by all nations TS101

The Wonderful Number  TS75 - Comparison of number in the Bible and Qu'ran
A world filled with Violence TS73 - Why doesn't God stop the violence in the world?
Spiritual Blindness TS 72 - Blindness of the Church in the last days.
Oil  TS 72 - The West's dependance on Middle East oil is paving the way for disaster.
Art TS72 - modern art as a reflection of our culture.
Noah's Ark TS71 - review of a sceptical BBC programme.
The prime meaning of Scripture TS 81 - Focusing on what scripture actually says
Persecution TS83 - preparing for suffering
Frank Wren TS85 - the passing of a saint
Abortion TS 88  
Fear TS92 - to be at peace
Evolution v Creation TS91 - comment on the recent celebration of Charles Darwin
What will Jesus do? TS92
A Riddle TS92 - when is a lemur not a lemur?
The Rise and Fall of the Global Empire TS94 - The future of the EU
The attraction of Globalism TS94 - Why politicians are seduced by global ideals
Evidence for the resurection TS95
When truth becomes a lie TS95 - the error of the unconditional love of God
Avaaz TS96 - the use of the internet to marshall public opinion
Christian Basics TS97
Tony Hayward and Women Bishops TS97
The Holy Spirit and the call of God TS98
The King James Version TS100 - 400th Anniversary
Christian Children in a Hostile World TS101

Serve one another in love TS101

The Second Coming of Christ

Jesus will return at any moment TS73 - A widely held doctrine but is it scriptural?
The Last Trumpet TS68 - The Jewish understanding of this phase.

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